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Share your story. 

Not your address.

Land a pen pal or story sharing partner without disclosing your home address. Subscribe to be part of the seamless solution where we kick tech to the curb, lick the envelope and smile at the mailbox. 

Our ongoing pen pal program is on hold. Learn about how you can help save letter writing by visiting our sister program, The Random Letter Project.

How It Works



Request Your Match

Complete the brief form and when your match is ready, we'll contact you.


Officially Sign Up

After you have been matched, select your subscription and get ready to write.


Check Your Email

Be on the lookout in your inbox for details about your pen pal and how to get started.



Far too many things in life are stressful. Make Pen Pal Life your outlet to relax and slow down.


Mail Your Letter

All letters are sent to one central location. You will send your letter to the attention of your pen pal's first name.


The Letter Swap

Once received, your letter will be transferred from one envelope to another and confidentially mailed directly to your pen pal.


Smile at the Mailbox

The mailbox should be a source of joy. Get ready for your letter to arrive in a blue Pen Pal Life envelope.


Rinse and Repeat

Write those letters! You get unlimited letter swaps a month, might as well use them.

Unlimited letter transfers per month

Only pay after you are matched

Never share your home address with your pen pal

Every pair is hand-matched

Your Home Address

Your home address is sacred and we'd like to keep it that way. Every letter will come through a central location and be transferred directly to your pen pal without divulging where you live.


All matches are hand-made.

Only pay once your match is made. 





Complete your pen pal match form before subscribing.

Once you complete your form, you'll be instructed to subscribe.

*If you live outside the United States and request a pen pal, you are required to be matched with a person in the United States to be in alignment with the Pen Pal Life matching service. If you have questions, please contact us. At this time we are not able to service requests from Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria and the Crimean region of Ukraine.

Ongoing Pen Pals are on hold. 

As we approach the new year - we're excited to say that our ongoing pen pal program is going through some modifications to better serve our customers and those who believe in our mission to keep letter writing alive!


In the meantime, please enter your email address below to be alerted about the updates and check out our sister program The Random Letter Project to start writing and receiving letters TODAY. 

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Land a pen pal or story sharing partner without disclosing your home address.



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