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The idea for Pen Pal Life started about two years ago as we were talking about the simpler times. The times where we used to feel calmer. More grounded. More ourselves. The time where writing letters was still to be expected. We kept saying that someone should start a company where you could have a pen pal without having to share your address. The idea kept bubbling so we figured now was as good as time as any to get PPL off the ground.

Join us.


Colleen Schwab

Founder + Marketer

When not pen palling, you'll find me with my pups or taking in some of the Arizona sunshine. #GreaterPHXtogether

Byron Schwab

CTO + Systems

When not pen palling, you'll find me at the golf course or in the pool. 

Ken Pyra

Operations + Process

When not pen palling, you'll find me tackling a random home project or volunteering. 

Land a pen pal or story sharing partner without disclosing your home address.



 (602) 780-3047

Proudly built in:

Greater Phoenix, Arizona

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