Frequently asked questions

How do I cancel my PPL subscription?

We hope that never happens! But we know that sometimes life catches up and you need to cancel. To cancel, please use the contact page on our site to send us a message stating your desire to cancel.

How will my letter get to my pen pal if I don't have their home address?

Each person that signs up for PPL will be given a central address to mail their letters to. Once the letters are received at the central location they will be transitioned and sent to your pen pal. Your home address will be kept secure the entire time.

Are refunds available?

At this time refunds are not available.

What happens if my pen pal doesn't write me?

Three thoughts on this: 1. We ask that everyone be patient. Getting mail from one door to another these days is taking a little extra time. 2. You're always welcome to contact our team and we'll help you sort out if there is reason for concern. We can also reach out to your pen pal via other methods to see if we can get clarity. 3. Every pen pal relationship is entered into with the same agreements but we know that sometimes people don't hold up their end of the deal. If you go 45 days without receiving a letter, please contact our team so that we can pair you up with someone else.

What if I want a new pen pal?

We ask that every PPL subscriber give the relationship a little time to develop. It's hard to get to know someone with only a couple of letter exchanges. If you truly feel like your pen pal isn't quite the right match for you, that's okay. Please contact our team and we'll do our best to match you up with another person.

How many pen pals can I get with my subscription?

For the monthly subscription, you are eligible for one pen pal. If you'd like to have multiple subscriptions, we will happily team you up with multiple pen pals.

What prevents me from sharing my address with my pen pal once I get matched?

We don't recommend you share your home address. Period. But the true answer is, nothing prevents you from doing that. We exist for you to keep your home address to yourself and we hope you stick with us for the long haul as you get to know someone slowly and smile at the mailbox knowing your home address wasn't shared.

Who writes the first letter?

Great question! The first person in each match to subscribe is the one that is asked to write the first letter.

Do you read my letters?

We do not read the letters when they are transferred from one envelope to another.

Can I write back to the Message in a Bottle letter?

Nope. That's not part of the deal. It's someone's unfiltered thoughts shared with you in a random letter. Their secret is safe with you knowing that even if you put their letter on the internet, it won't get traced back to them.

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