Combatting loneliness through letter writing


We don't know what a holiday season during a pandemic will look like, but we're committed to making it meaningful.

We're actively recruiting senior communities, assisted living homes and nonprofits to participate in the Pen Pal Shake program. This program will be 10-weeks long and connect seniors with a pen pal partner committed to writing letters.


Our goal is simple. We want to reduce loneliness and give people a reason to smile at the mailbox.




Our business is built around the concept of having a pen pal but NOT sharing your home address. All letters go through a clearing house and are swapped to keep personally identifiable information from being revealed. This allows for a positive relationship to be formed without fear.





FREE for seniors to participate




10-weeks of letter writing to cover November, December and early January


Your home address is NEVER shared

Special holiday surprise in each letter

Coordinated video calls with each pen pal pairing at the end of the program upon agreement from each participant





If you represent a senior center, assisted living facility or just know a senior you'd like to participate in the program, complete our Contact Us form and select the Pen Pal Shake program box. We will be in touch right away! 

Happy Holidays.

Land a pen pal or story sharing partner without disclosing your home address.


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