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One letter sent. One letter received. The Random Letter Project is the newest craze to connect you to someone across the globe, but only for one handwritten letter. Tell your story. Get something off your chest. Make someone smile. Whatever your truth is, tell it. Because someone is doing the exact same thing in a letter being sent to you.

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How it works

You write a letter.

You receive a letter. 


Your home address is NEVER shared. All letters are sent to one central location, then our team will swap your letter to assure your home address remains confidential.

I just needed to get some stuff off my chest so I decided to write it down and send it off. I felt better and the letter I got back blew my mind. Think of Humans of New York meets letter writing. That's what The Random Letter Project is and it's awesome.

Land a pen pal or story sharing partner without disclosing your home address.


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